1-31-12 CRNA continues to collaborate with additional venues

31 Jan 2012

In its first year, CRNA has Buy propecia pills been casting a net to work with a variety of venues and organizations from which it will launch its various year round Nordic sports for the disabled and able bodied communities. The BoD is proud to announce that in additi

on to Pineridge XC Ski Area and state, county, and town parks in the buy cialis online Capital Region…. CRNA looks to partner

with STRIDE Adaptive Sports at its Center for Outdoor Reacreation and Education in Chatham, NY as well as Garnet Hill Lodge and XC Ski Center in North Creek, NY. To build its list of venues and affiliated organizations, CRNA will have the ability to run its events with minimal disruptions or cancellations as localized weather can play a significant role in the success of events. Stay tuned for additional partnerships.

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