11-20-11 A busy wk end for CRNA

21 Nov 2011

The wk end of 11-18/19-11 was a busy one for CRNA. On Saturday Russ Myer and Tom Wright attended the Adirondack Sport and Healthy Living Expo. Russ manned the NYSSRA Nordic booth and met with a number of businesses and organizations rewgarding CRNA.

Tom Put in place snowshoe events for the 2011-12 season meeting with Bob Dion from Dion Snowshoes and Matt Westerlund from NY Snowshoeing. Contacts were made and interest developed around CRNA events

Pn Sunday, Russ attended the Kingston Roller ski event hosted by the Kingston High School Nordic Club. Russ represented ToKo waxes, performing individual and group demos as well as skaing in the

10K roller ski race. Russ took 2 spills but always came up swinging (or skating) Again, CRNA flyers were passed out spreading the



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