2nd Orienteering with Team RWB/Albany Housing Coalition-Anything but a Loss

08 Aug 2016

Albany Team Red White and Blue and Albany Housing Coalition recently gathered for CRNA’s summer series of Orienteering  at Washington Park….The 7 control course on the east end of the park was perfect as the musical Chicago was performing at Park Playhouse and many other areas were occupied with volleyball, rugby, frisbee and just plain old fashioned picnics!  Team RWB and AHC mingled to form great, lots of laughing teams for both the traditional and sport ident Orienteering….Thanks goes out to Lemo and his crew for having all ready for us as well as Claire Piazza from AHC and Kim VanHeste from Team RWB….You all rock!!!

Next up, light biathlon at 6 mile park, August 10th….

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