3-9-12, CRNA well represented at NY Biathlon Champs

09 Mar 2012

Stephen Wilson (range personnel ) and Russ Myer (grandmaster competitor) represented CRNA well at the 2012 NY Biathlon Championships and NorAm#5 held in Lake Placid March 3-4. Stephen played a crucial role in keeping the

range and range mats in wor

king order….particularly sweeping mats that accrued wet and heavy snow as well as sleet during events on both days. Having slippery

mats can be dangerous for someone shooting in the standing position…Thank you Stephen

Russ competed in the sprint (7.5K) on Saturday coming in 3rd by 1 second…shooting 1-3. On Sunday Russ took first place with consistent skiing and 2nd best shooting. 0-0-2-1. With cpombined times, Russ was overall grandmasters champion for the wk end.

A BIG thank you to Pete Indick and the crew of volunteers who put on great events on little notice….Despite a thin winter, biathlon ended on

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a solid note. We look forward to a wonderful summer biathlon program encompassing NY, PA and NJ.

Attached are the results for the 2 days

2012 NorAm6-SprintResults 2012 LP-NorAm-Pursuit2

2012 LP-NorAm-Combined

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