About CRNA Inc.

Capital Region Nordic Alliance Inc. (CRNA) is a recognized 501c3 Charitable not-for-profit outdoor recreation alliance,  focusing on year round  activities in the
Nordic Sports of Biathlon, Orienteering, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing and Paralympic Nordic to the entire community, with particular attention to those individuals with special needs or disabilities

Our mission is to…

• Provide complete access to its Nordic sports for all populations,
particularly those with special needs or who have disabilities, providing
comprehensive education to ensure maximal health benefits to all. Groups receiving
particular attention are
veterans, youth, and others with any type of special need, impairment or disability

• Create a healthy and safe inclusive community environment for an active outdoor community by
promoting all CRNA activities with sport specific education and mentoring
by trained and certified staff.

• Foster growth of all Alliance sports by hosting combined, year-round
events for the broader community.

• Collaborate with local and regional organizations to ensure CRNA sports
and their events have a positive economic impact on the region, particularly in improving communities.

• Leverage existing, and develop new resources/relationships to bring its’
mission to fruition.