CRNA’s WCH Trail Orienteering team has returned from Lithuania…serving all with distinction and pride in mission and performance. Army Major Curtis Schreiner, Marine Sergeant Matthew Pietro and Army Sergeant Christ Rasmussen participated in all competitions..measuring up to their more experienced competitors….BRAVO to one and all

CRNA held its 3rd Olympic Orienteering at Krank Park as part of Albany PAL’s Summer Olympics….For the 3rd yr, the youngest grp won! 12 controls in 15:30!!!! Thank you to Lennie Ricchiuti and Will Chapple from PAL and LEMO and his crew at Washington Park for having all the qualifying events ready for us…..bring on yr #4

CRNA was back at ARC Schenectady, Maple Ridge Day facility for year #2…this time for both orienteering and paintball biathlon for two days.  July 8-9/15 saw great crowds plus Benita Zahn from Channel 13, WNYT feature the events on her 5PM news hours health segment….The weather held up as both Orienteering (8 controls) and Paintball Biathlon were run on the facility property. All went off without a hitch with staff from ARC’s other facilities seeing for first hand how well the events came off.

Now everyone wants to move a lot more…with CRNA’s help of course. Copy the link below and watch CRNA’s video….Thank you to fellow CRNA groupees…. Stephen Wilson and Tom Wright for their invaluable assist in both sports, both days!  SUPER, SUPER, SUPER

CRNA’s mission is to offer its Nordic sports yr round…well not better example than snowshoe soccer in the winter and Orienteering in the spring and summer. An earlier post showed Hackett Middle School students playing snowshoe soccer, with the snow leaving, Orienteering became the sport of choice.  With classes ranging from 4 to 19 CRNA held a series of training classes and event formats leading up to the finale in Washington Park….3 groups and 1 individual (Brianna) gave it their all completing the 6 control course. Of course the now famous, world renown  CRNA mug was involved!!!!!!

CRNA once again thanks Albany PAL, City of Albany School District and the City of Albany for supporting its wonderful Nordic sports to be introduced to the youth at N Albany Academy and Hackett Middle School…..We look forward to returning!!!!

With warmer temperatures comes change from snowshoes and soccer to sneakers and orienteering controls. The weather has finally warmed up and with it…Orienteering controls, maps and punch cards

Three teams worked a short sprint course after an Orienteering icon recognition relay event…from college students at St Rose and UAlbany who lent hands and presence, the youth really enjoyed both events…all looking to do more in the coming weeks!!!

CRNA is back at Hackett Middle School in Albany, NY for orienteering instruction both inside and outside. One may ask…how does soccer enter into Orienteering??  CRNA has an enthusiastic cohort for orienteering but the youth come from countries where soccer is KING…where soccer RULES!  So sprinkle a little soccer with orienteering drills and events and everyone is very happy.  The youth have picked up Orienteering format very well, knowing the basics of compass operation, magnetic north, icon recognition and control card punching… they can ball handle and pass like no one’s business

proving to be a great combination!!

Russ Myer and Sue Hawkes-Teeter started their orienteering session at N Albany Academy this past Tuesday followed by visits to 6-8 grade classrooms at the K-8th grade school on Thursday, October 23, 2014.  Basic orienteering presentations to all 6-8 classes following an initial sessions with classroom support faculty, Ms. Shannon Pinkowski.  The interest is high among students interested in learning how to build and read  Orienteering maps, build and use a compass as well as run their own Orienteering events at the school!

The PAL afterschool program assists students with their homework, provides meaningful programming until parents/guardians arrive home to provide continuity of care.  CRNA is proud to continue its affiliation with Albany PAL

As was the case at  last yr’s PAL Olympics, the youngest group came in first in the orienteering!  A plan to complete in the course in sequence with the same person using the punch card worked as the Krank Park team won on its home course!. Time was 13:45! A great strategy by the freshmen group.  Congratulations. VI came in second with  Arbor Hill coming in third.

The team from Arbor Hill lost a team member and encountered difficulty in locating several controls. Nakeem and Teresa did not give up but sought additional help and learning to find the remaining the controls and finish the event…in  38:00….but they found all the controls and were happy to do it as a team!


Thank you to Lenny Ricchiuti, Albany PAL Executive Director. Will Chapple-Interim Director, and the PAL staff as well as Phil and Sur Hawkes-Teeter for such a great PAL Olympics….CRNA looks forward to next yr with great summer and afterschool  programming.

A small but energetic crowd gathered for the 2nd Annual Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital’s orienteering-Paintball Biathlon event at Goold Orchards in Castleton, NY.  Sue Goold Miller and her staff were, as always, gracious and welcoming to all that attended. Six clients traveled the course with forearm crutches, wheelchairs and slow walking to find all the controls and shoot at two paintball biathlon stations somewhere on the course. Disabilities did not hold anyone back…full steam ahead!

The times were great with everyone locating the stations and hitting most of their targets. A fair amount of Goold products were purchased by clients and family with a big smile always present. Everyone loved the mugs, stayed around for homemade doughnuts and shared in much deserved fellowship/community afterwards.


Looks like we will be back for a 3rd year.  The clients and staff were just having the time of their life!!



On May 28, 2014, CRNA took 10 enthusiastic Albany PAL youth to Washington Park for a session 3 ending orienteering event. The sun was out, the park looked beautiful and the teams did very well completing the 9 control course.  Special thanks to Sue Hawkes-Teeter who set up the courses at Krank and Washington Parks…..and has helped in both sessions 2 & 3.

The day finished with Dunkin Doughnuts, hugs and requests to come back next yr….for all the sessions. Thanks to Will Malcolm, Albany PAL program Director for his support in having CRNA be so successful with its Orienteering and snowshoe events this past academic year.  CRNA looks forward to being involved with PAL year round!!!!

Have a great summer all


Russ and Sue