22 Jun 2013

CRNA was a major booth vendor at Stride Adaptive Sports 5K run at Corming Preserve in Albany, NY ealier today. CRNA displayed its new feather banner and presented its 5K Hudson Berkshire Benerage Trail member 5K trail fun run series to participants. Russ Myer set up the table, networking with other vendors and participants, who all felt the winery series was cool, neat, interesting, suggested wine instead of water both before and during the event…nice ideas!

Many stated they will try to make the Harvest Spirits event on July 13, 2013!!! A great day to promote CRNA and EMPO event at
Washington Park in Albany

03 Jun 2013

With CRNA’s 1st 2013  Summer Paintball Biathlon under its belt, attention turns
to its 5K trail fun run series wityh Hudson Berkshire Beverage Tra, starting with Hilltop Orchard in Richmond, MA (http://www.hilltoporchards.com/index.html). Owner John Vittori and manager
Dave Martel will be gracious hosts as runners throughout the rgion will run , jog
or walk on XC ski trails crafted by John Morton, legendary XC and biathlon
athlete and coach.

After a beautiful experience in the orchard and trails, sample some of Hilltops
finest goods from wine to cider doughnuts to homemade jams and condiments.
Your participation supports CRNA’s work with those with special needs
(youth/military) and Hilltop’s wonderful XC/hiking trails year round.

You can register right on our website. Any questions, please email, CRNA’s snowshoe
/run sport leader Tom Wright at tmwright47@nycap.rr.com  or call Russ Myer at

03 Jun 2013

CRNA and Parson Child and Family Services, based in Albany NY are
collaborating on Parson Youth participating on CRNA’s 5K Trail Fun Run Series
this coming Summer at Apple Orchards throughout the capital region. The youth
have been training for 5K events and the apple orchard runs are a perfect format
for the youth to both run and enjoy nature in apple orchards!

The runs will take place at Gools Orchard in Castleton, NY, Hilltop Orchard in
Richmond, MA, and Golden Harvest Orchard in Valatie, NY. CRNA looks forward
to providing additional events to the center!

15 Apr 2013

CRNA is working with the members of the Hudson Berkshire Beverage trail 
 http://hudsonberkshireexperience.com/to have a series of 5K trail fun runs helping

CRNA’s programing for those with special needs/disabilities as well as have the participants enjoy some of the finest beverages and food in the region!

Dates so far include:
June 15, 2013, Hilltop Orchard/Furnace Brook Winery
July 13, 2013, Golden Harvest Orchard/Harvest Spirits
August 24, 2013, Goold Orchard/Brookview Station Winery
October 5, 2013, Chatham Brewery, Chatham, NY (in progress)

Stay tuned for details on each event in subsequent posts


any ?s, contact Russ Myer at 315-396-9967 or rmyer@nycap.rr.com

04 Apr 2013

CRNA has a wonderful recording corresponding secretary who brings experience and enthusiasm to see CRNA succeed! Christine Ross from the Lake

George area has joined the CRNA BoD as its primary record keeper. Christine will work with the leadership in taking

monthly meeting minutes, various data bases and critical e mailings/correspondences to get the CRNA word out there.

CRNA welcomes Christine who after moving to Lake George is learning to downhill ski at Gore Mt. Christinie teaches Yoga and aspires to open a Yoga/Art Gallery in the Lake George region.

Welcome Christine!!!!

24 Mar 2013

On the same day Tom Wright and Russ Myer met with Hilltop Orchard, they visited Notchview Nordic Area in Windsor, MA: http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit/berkshires/notchview.html
After talking to Superintendent James Caffrey, the consensus that wekk day CRNA sports are more than welcome! Notchview aleady has a permanent Orienteering course and off season trail runs are common. With 2000′ elevation, Notchview is a wonderful location for late winter-spring skiing for CRNA’s participants. Notchview even has 2 sit sleds that are not in use due

to a lack of experienced personnel working with surrounding Human Service Agencies.

Again, CRNA and WMAC can be great partners in

hosting trail runs and XC events for the entire community year round, similar to Hilltop…and just a short drive away!

24 Mar 2013

CRNA members , Russ Myer and Tom Wright recently met with Hilltop Orchard Manager, Dave Martel about CRNA holding year round events in XC, Orienteering, Running/snowshoeing and Biathlon at Hilltop’s beautiful apple orchard

and winery (http://www.hilltoporchards.com/index.html). Hilltop has been running a Nordic Center for three years using a Piston Bully 100 with Trails designed by John Morton, famed Olympic Biathlete, coach and team leader.

The three loops fit well for able bodied as well as those with disabilities. CRNA hopes to work with Hilltop in further developing its trails to support integrated events year round. Expect to see CRNA trail runs, summer biathlon and orienteering supporting CRNA’s work with

the disabled as well as other local NFP.

Hilltop Orchards…come and see for your self

13 Mar 2013

CRNA staff, Russ Myer, Tom Wright and Phil Hawkes-Teeter met with Jennifer Battle and Connie Bruner-Todt from Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital at Goold Orchard in Castelton, NY to collaborate on Orienteering and Paintball Biathlon events for its clients. Sue Goold, owner of Goold Orchard is supporting the collaboration as Goold moves to be accessible to the entire community.

The first event will be July 27, 2013…an Orienteering/Paintball Biathlon combination event for those in wheel chairs, mobility impaired as well as caregivers.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter will craft several trails accommodating those with different levels of mobility. Sue Goold also requested CRNA host a fall 5K fun run which Tom Wright

will coordinate.

CRNA hopes to add many more partners and events to its summer/fall calendar helping those with disabilities to get outdoors and have


11 Mar 2013

CRNA gathered over $150 on its Swix iron/vice raffle to support its programming. Lee Craven from Bridgewater, NJ purchased the winning ticket at WFRA’s Try It

in January, 2013. The Swix iron and vice were donated by a skier at Garnet Hill XC Ski Center who wishes to remain anonymous. The donor’s son purchased

the combo but never used them

We thank all who participated…check our website for future raffles going to a great cause!!!

Russ Myer, President

17 Feb 2013

CRNA held a Biathlon individual relay wk end at Garnet Hill hosting events with the very best and worst of weather. Saturday’s event was 33 degrees and brilliant sunshine…the snow was wet enought where Russ drifted the Alpine in waist high snow…tough to steer a one runner snowmobile. Just ask Carl Snow-He’ll tell you!!

Sunday was 15-19 degrees with winds gusting up to 39 mph!!! The snow was hard boiler plate but those that participated had a great time. This wk ends events were the first of the season without US Paralympian, Goose Perez from Syracuse-who has

been doing a lot of traveling.

CRNA looks to building a permanent range next yr for both able bodied and diverse ability populations

A BIG Thank you to Don Preuninger and Mindy Piper from Garnet Hill on having the events at their beautiful venue. A HUGE Thank you to Dan McDernott and Frontier Communication for their volunteer work in making the week end’s events the success they were!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

CRNA has one more event remaining at Garnet Hill. On 2-20-13, CRNA will partner with Garnet Hill to have a Snowshoe

Orienteering Scavenger Hunt…10 controls crafted by CRNA Orienteering sport leader, Phil Hawkes-Teeter-who does amazing things creating exact O maps.

Paintball Biathlon may run on 2-18-13 due to many buy cialis requests and inquiries. Lots of fun for the entire family!