03 Oct 2016

Sept 6-12, CRNA partnered with US Paralympic Nordic to co-host a Paranordic clinic at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid NY. Athletes from all over the country attended the event which included high level, high intensity introduction to ParaNordic including both Roller skiing and shooting in a variety of settings. USPN Development coach, BethAnn Chamberlain attended from Minneapolis, MN to fine tune both introduction and training.  A number of athletes will be participating in the upcoming  winter season clinics and events in New England and NY.

The 2016-17 looks very promising…we just need that white stuff



28 Aug 2016

CRNA’s Russ and Becky Myer provided  orienteering and sport ident events at Albany Team Red White and Blue day at Grafton Lake State Park Saturday August 27, 2016. A white length course and sport ident were run providing much laughter and many smiles as many also took to the cool clear lake waters to swim. Thank you to Kim VanHeste and the Team Red White and Blue for being such gracious hosts for the event…So many enjoyed both forms of orienteering

28 Aug 2016

CRNA hosted the final Team RWB & Albany Housing Coalition event with a sprint format light biathlon event at 6 Mile Park this past Wed…with Stewarts providing ice cream and fixins for sundaes!!!

CRNA crew Tom Wright, Stephen Wilson, Becky Myer and St Rose Sport Mgt Intern Morgan King cheered all on to combine both endurance and precision marksmanship in biathlon!  The Park crew of Tom Powers and his partner once again were more than kind in having all ready for CRNA as well as Stratton VA medical center inpt. veterans who were fishing. It just so happens that CRNA worked with the same group at Clifton Park VFW last month with orienteering and light biathlon


16 Aug 2016

CRNA seeks to raise $25,000 to purchase grooming equipment for its upcoming Adaptive Nordic Winter Programming in the Capital Region of New York State. Sites of operation will be in conjunction with Adaptive Sports Foundation at Windham Mt. and the VA Medical Center in Albany. CRNA conducts year round training in Paralympic XC and Biathlon but currently lacks the basic grooming equipment to provide quality classic and skate skiing for our veterans and youth with special needs/disabilities. Equipment that will be purchased with its received GoFundMe donations will be a SkiDoo Skandic grooming sled and Trackor classic and skate grooming equipment from snowgroomers.net. Please give generously so CRNA can help Paralympic Nordic Grow in NY and beyond! Any questions, please contact Russ Myer, CRNA President at 315-396-9967.

Visit the CRNA GoFundMe page for the latest info on our campaign!

grooming equipment
grooming equipment

16 Aug 2016

Empire Orienteering Club (EMPO) teams up with Capital Region Nordic Alliance (CRNA) to put on events for special needs participants, and is featured in Orienteering North America July/August 2016!

EMPO-CRNA Orienteering article

EMPO-CRNA Orienteering article

08 Aug 2016

Albany Team Red White and Blue and Albany Housing Coalition recently gathered for CRNA’s summer series of Orienteering  at Washington Park….The 7 control course on the east end of the park was perfect as the musical Chicago was performing at Park Playhouse and many other areas were occupied with volleyball, rugby, frisbee and just plain old fashioned picnics!  Team RWB and AHC mingled to form great, lots of laughing teams for both the traditional and sport ident Orienteering….Thanks goes out to Lemo and his crew for having all ready for us as well as Claire Piazza from AHC and Kim VanHeste from Team RWB….You all rock!!!

Next up, light biathlon at 6 mile park, August 10th….

06 Aug 2016

Well, Arbor Hill finally lost!  Krank Park team took 1st place at the PAL Olympics Orienteering on August 4th at Krank Park.  Arbor Hill tried the scattered approach to finding the 8 controls while Krank Park…followed the route and captured the gold. The qualifiers were held at Washington Park, producing exciting tight finishes…all with a new map and course. The 8 control course for the Olympics was equally exciting and close

CRNA looks to do more with PAL for the coming school year….Thank you to one and all for a great summer program

06 Aug 2016

CRNA President, Russ Myer, and US Paralympic Development Coach BethAnn Chamberlain presented a 2 day workshop on ParaNordic at Central Assoc for the Blind and Visually Impaired Camp Nazareth in Woodgate , NY. Russ and BethAnn introduced 35 VI campers to the core concepts of XC Skiing and ParaBiathlon. Ages of the campers ranged from 6 to 18….CRNA’s ski poles, ski erg, visual and audio rifles were used along with the creative genius of Coach Chamberlain. Thank you to Ms. Kathy Beaver, VP Of Rehabilitation and her staff for their  support in making the 2nd year all the better!

Afterwards…conversations focused on doing more together ….a true Win Win scenario

26 Jul 2016

CRNA commences its 4th summer with Albany PAL…..Orienteering qualifiers for Arbor Hill, Krank Park and VI occur prior to the PAL Olympics Aug 2, 2016 at Krank Park.  Thanks to Will Chapple and Sgt. Ret.  Lenny Ricchiuti  the summer program is better than ever with a new course at both Washington and Krank Parks.

The qualifiers reveal whom from each site will represent them at the Olympics….great fun sportsmanlike competition for all three centers!  We’ll let you know who captures GOLD

01 Jul 2016

Combining Orienteering and light Biathlon…it has been done!  As the final Living Resource’s College Experience program class concluded, CRNA staff combined Sport Ident with EKO AIMS to challenge the students in to fast past, precision oriented nordic sports….all hit a home run excelling in both sports. When all was said and done…..all received….yep—a CRNA MUG!

This very successful collaboration with the summer students was wildly successful with all gaining a lot of information, learning and fun from the two sports.  Much thanks goes to St Rose intern Morgan King, LR CEP Coordinator Katie Fahrenkopf, session leader Faith and so many more. For the students, Both Nicks, Joe, Lauren, Tom, Ryan, Chris and Matt-you are all so wonderful, kind, respectful and thoughtful-you all are amazing….keep up the marvelous work

The College Experience Program offers so much learning and growth  in a higher education environment-CRNA is proud to contribute to the wonderful student outcomes…we hope it continues