20 Jun 2016

CRNA hosted 3 weeks of orienteering with Living Resources College Experience program at the College of St Rose…now it is time for ParaBiathlon…for 3 weeks the 7 students in the special class will become immersed in ParaBiathlon…learning the basics to becoming proficient. Only non projectile Infra Red systems are being used…with the students being very respectful of the equipment and sport…a great summer course!!!

CRNA, Team Red,White and Blue and Albany Housing Coalition moved on to a Para Biathlon Clinic at Waterworks/6 Mile Park on what was a beautiful night in Albany!  After a brief intro, all helped all refine their Para Biathlon shooting in both Visual and Audio (Visual Impaired) ParaBiathlon.  The visual shoot off saw some great shooting rise from, well…the women!!


Thanks to Claire Piazza from AHC, Kim VanHeste from Team RWB and City of Albany for supporting this true first!  Even several spectators became very interested…asking pointed questions about the sport and our veterans!  next clinic is roller skiing at Waterworks on June 23.

05 Jun 2016

CRNA and Living Resources College Experience Program based at the College of St. Rose are collaborating on a 6 week adaptive nordic curriculum for two of CRNA’s sports….Orienteering and Para light Biathlon.

CRNA members and St Rose Sport Mgt intern  Morgan King are providing wildly exciting and successful traditional and sport ident orienteering to this summer’s class at St Rose. Like a Scavenger Hunt and Road Rally and accurate marksmanship with endurance activities…the 6 classes are keep all focused and active this summer.

Thank you to Living Resources Katie Fahrenkopf , Joy, Faith, Andrew et all for making the sessions so enjoyable for all!

05 Jun 2016

CRNA was really excited to bring two of the capital region’s premier veteran focused organizations together for a night of walking Orienteering at Washington Park…Team Red White and Blue and Albany Housing Coalition. Both organizations wen through a brief info session followed by finding the orienteering controls on probably the best night so far-cool, breezy and super pleasant.  All want to give it another try!


ParaBiathlon will be presented June 8th at 6 Mile/Waterworks Park…..CRNA hopes to have ongoing Nordic sporting events throughout the summer for both organizations…..

Thank yous go out to Joe Sluszka  and Claire Piazza from AHC, Kim,  Gary, Suzie  and Marsha from TEAM RWB

A great time was had by all

23 Apr 2016

After a 2 year hiatus, CRNA and Albany Housing Coalition (works with homeless veterans, many with disabilities) have retied the knot?!  With the awarding of the VA grant and other funding, CRNA can now offer its sports to the veterans free of charge with also enhance event insurance through CRNA’s parent organization-NENSA.  Events look to take place at Washington and Waterworks Parks in Albany as well as at other sites (Capital Hills Golf Course and Thomas Whalen Park)

Many thanks to not only AHC Executive Director Joe Sluscka and LTC (ret) Lee Vartigian but City of Albany NY officials, Mayor Sheehan, Commissioner of Parks Jonathan Jones, Waterworks staff and Police Chief  Brendan Cox for their support in having  these 4 wonderful sports take place in Albany

23 Apr 2016

CRNA president, Russ Myer, recently presented to the Albany Region of Team Red,White and Blue on how CRNA’s 4 sports can support TRWB need to diversify programming , holding more events in Albany, NY-especially at Washington Park. Team RWB Albany region stretches from Saugerties to Saranac Lake. CRNA’s sports that take place in Lake PLacid will be a welcome addition to current North country programming.  The sports of particular interest  for the upcoming season are Orienteering and Parabiathlon.  Russ thanks Kim and Jim VanHeste and the other TRWB leaders for their interest in seeking new and high affinity programming for their veterans.

CRNA looks forward to providing effective, fun filled events to TRWB veterans. Anyone who is interested in assisting at events, please contact Russ Myer at 315-396-9967, rmyer@nycap.rr.com

07 Apr 2016

CRNA is in conversations with the City of Albany Department of Parks and the Police to secure a venue in Albany from which it can offer yr round programming in its 4 nordic sports. Talks are ongoing with Parks Commissioner Jones and Chief of Police Cox et al to have a venue from which its XC, Orienteering , Biathlon and snowshoeing/trail running can be offered to the entire community…focusing on those with disabilities/special needs

Albany, NY and the Capital Region will never be the same!!!!

07 Apr 2016

CRNA received a $5,000 Leadership grant from the Advocare Foundation to support the implementation of a Northeast Adaptive Race Series spanning from eastern NY through New England!

Adaptive Nordic events will be held in selected cities throughout NY, VT, MA, NH and ME looking to regional VA Centers and other social sector agencies.


CRNA and its partnering agencies plan to increase participation to 30+ at the races culminating in a great showing at the NY ESG adaptive nordic events in Lake Placid

21 Mar 2016

CRNA has been offering two of its four very popular sports, orienteering and snowshoeing to Hackett Middle School for the past two…no make that three years now. This year , CRNA included its recent addition of Sport Ident to the mix of its orienteering (traditional hanging bag version) which was wildly successful on those days when it was raining or snowing too much (REALLY?). Next week,  CRNA’s final class, concludes the program with an advanced Orienteering course in Washington Park. We’ll see how all goes-good luck!

All in all, the program provided intriguing, different sports to middle school students, incorporating both exercise with decision making and problem solving. CRNA has already been asked to return next year, this time starting in September

CRNA looks forward to a great 2016-17 yr with Albany School system

07 Mar 2016

CRNA had exciting nordic fundraisers ready at Berne NY (5K snowshoe) and the 5/10K classic Thunderglide at Adams, MA Thunderfest on March 6, 2016. No snow , no events….BUT all had a great time at Notchview’s BKYSL and adult paintball biathlon. CRNA set all up and packed it up after so many had a memorable day running and shooting. Thank you to CRNA staff!!!!!

Thank you to Kate Parrot and James Caffrey who made all a great day….more to come in 2016/17