15 Sep 2013

Previously we informed you that James and Claudine Preite celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. There we are celebrating a great day and 5K trail run
where only a few runners strayed when the couple realized, oops, it’s our 34th. Well I could not event get that right. It was not the Preites!

The couple that were celebrating 34 years wre Scott and Karin Bradley. They have also done every race in the winery series. “

So our apologies and happy anniversary to Scott and Karin Bradley!
A belated congratulations!

Capital Region Nordic Alliance Inc.
The North Creek Business Community


The 2nd Annual Nordic Tune Up

Bring the family to experience a genuine community warm up for the 2013-14 Adirondack winter season.  Capital Region Nordic Alliance Inc. and the North Creek Business Community are partnering to bring exciting Nordic events to North Creek on September 29, 2013!

Tune Up Events:

6/12K Roller Ski, 9AM at the train station

See the region’s finest XC skiers prep for the upcoming season with a two-three roller ski loop race through the village.

9AM: Start and finish at the train station, Pre-registration at CRNA’s website, Race Day Registration starts at 8:15AM
$15 before 9/27/13, $20 day of race

11AM: Family Scoot & Shoot Paintball Biathlon…Fun for the entire family! Take part in a fun paintball biathlon event where one and all can experience paintball marksmanship with targets and running, just like the Olympic sport! $10/adult, $5/youth

Lunch at North Creek Eateries

1PM: US Paralympic Presentation at the Ski Bowl.  US Paralympic Nordic (XC Ski and Biathlon) Athlete, Augusto “Goose” Perez from E Syracuse, and Team Physical Therapist, James Wallace, DPT will present on the US Paralympic Nordic Program’s preparation for the upcoming Paralympic games in Sochi, Russia. Free and open to the Public!


26 Aug 2013

Jim and Claudine Preite were so into preparing for the winery run at Goold Orchards that they forgot it was their 34th wedding anniversary…so after the event, WMAC and CRNA faithful celebrated (some feel a weeeee but too much?) their 34 years, Russ and Becky Myer’s 33 years and Elizabeth Collin’s < 1 yr anniversry. Elizabeth is patiently waiting for the Saratoga Horse racing season to end to see her husband....huh,what is his first name??? What a way to complete a beautiful day, 5K race and wonderful connections and conversations. See you all on the 5th of Oct for the Chatham Run...Tom Wright is working on the site

15 Aug 2013

Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Russ Myer instructed the Case Managers from Albany Housing Coalition in the sports of Orienteering and paintball biathlon for a 5 military service competition to be held at Peebles Island State Park in Waterford, NY on September 14, 2013.

Twelve CM took part in actual events both in teams and individuals. AHC works with Veterans who are homeless, disabled or experience other unique circumstances

Appreciation is extended to AHC Director of Veterans Services, Glenn Read and Erik Schlimmer, outreach coordinator who made both events possible.

CRNA looks forward to a great event featuring the very best from all branches of the military….we salute you all!!!

15 Aug 2013

Russ Myer, President of CRNA recently completed a 16 hr IBU International Referee course and 2.5 hr closed book exam in Presque Isle, ME to become an Iinternational Referee. The credentialing helped Russ recently assist in the N American Biathlon Roller Ski Championships in Jericho, VT. The Picture of Russ includes Lowell Bailey, from Lake Placid, a prequalified biathlete who took part in the competitions.

Russ has been a USBA Advanced Level 2 Official as well as a USBA rifle Safety Certifier. This credentail affords Russ the opportunity to officiate Biathlon World Cups, World Championships, Olympics and Paralympics. This past February, Russ was fortunate to serve the IPC as Chief of Biathlon at the Telemark, WI Paralympic Nordic World Cup.

Russ will find out later this year if he will serve as an official at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

Good Luck Russ

30 Jul 2013


30 Jul 2013

We all think this collaborative event supporting participants was truly a first in the world of sport!!! Orienteering and paintball biathlon combined and run in an apple orchard with the world’s best participants….ones I call diverse ability individuals….disabled -no way. Not one missed control and many shot clean…so there Oli!

Many thanks go to Jennifer Battle and Connie Bruner-Todt, both CRTS from Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital for their willingness to try something different for their clients. Sue Goold , Karen Gardy and Ed from Goold Orchards transormed their apple orchard into a welcoming sport venue that contained beautifully growing apples, if just for several hours. Phil Hawkes-Teeter worked his magic with an Orienteering map that was perfect!! Becky Myer, Tom Wright and Stephen Wilson, all CRNA stallwarts manned the PBB and timed the athletes.

All in all, a good to great time was had by all!! Many went away asking for more events…. It was some day for all

With Heartfelt Appreciation….Russ

16 Jul 2013

Tom Wright called me as I was getting off of 90E at the Hudson exit proclaiming another wet soggy event? It wasn’t raining where I was , in fact the skies were OK?? But as I neared Golden Harvest Farms and Harvest Spirits Distillery, the skies opened up!!! Not another rained on event! This time, it stopped raining as registration started and CRNA’s 2nd Winery 5K Trail Fun Run went off without umbrellas or soaked trails!

A BIG thank you to Derek Grout, owner of Harvest Spirits and his Father from Golden Harvest Farms for being gracious hosts to one and all. Unlike Hilltop Orchard in Richmond, MA, Harvest Spirit’s course was flat and fast-not one hill. The runners ran through the rows of apple trees, by grass chomping cows all the while smelling apples, mash, and the coountry.

Afterwards,many sampled fresh made apple cider, wonderful cider doughnuts, and Harvest Spirit’s Vodka products.

As always the CRNA staff was in top form having the event be easy and fun for the runners. Carolyn and Stephen Wilson, Tom Wright-event leader and Phil Hawkes-Teeter all contributed to make the event a great one!!! Thank you to one and all.

And then as I started to leave after packing up…it started to….yep you guessed it….rain!!

30 Jun 2013

CRNA is pleased to partner with Albany Housing Coalition in providing its homeless and disabled veterans with individual and team based Orienteering and Paintball Competitions. Glenn Read, Director of Veterans Services is working with Russ Myer, Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Tom Wright in developing team based Orienteering and paintball events this coming September/October reinforcing both individual and group life skills supporting the veterans in their reintegration into the capital Region.

AHC has hired a new recreation activities coordinator to start in early July. Both parties feel there is great potential in CRNA’s events becoming regular happenings for the veterans and families. Stay tuned for details about the upcoming events

22 Jun 2013

OK…who is better looking?