CRNA and EMPO to Partner with Albany Police Athletic League to serve Inner City Youth

CRNA and EMPO are excited to announce its collaboration with Albany’s Police Athletic League providing Orienteering events to inner city youth through the summer concluding with an Olympic orienteering event in August. CRNA/EMPO are working with Will Malcolm, Summer Camp Director, and Kristin Sweeter,Extended Day Coordinator, Albany PAL at Hackett Middle School to provide the youth with exciting, team based orienteering events in each of its three camp sessions (7/19 & 7/26) ….all the winners from each session will go head to head in the summer finale Olympics on August 2, 2013 at Crank Park. Programs at Hackett Middle School will include winter snowshoe activities

Look for wonderful pictures of these energetic youth enjoying Orienteering at its best!!!

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