Biathlon BINGO has arrived

22 Jul 2012

Afternoon all,

My wife and I went to visit our daughter in Berkeley, CA

and she took us to a bistro that held a bicycler bingo night (every thur) to benefit a local NFP.  We had a ball to say the

least. On the way home I thought of a way to have biathlon bingo as fundraisers for CRNA….

We now have two boards, one with #s and one with blank spaces…for any donation amount, if one hits five blank spaces in a row horizontal, diagonal or vertical…they win a  prize. If the bingo player hits all 5 numbers called (one in each column)…after providing a donation of any amount, they win a prize…..well we have made >$150 at two summer biathlon events to support our NFP application and programming. Parents and youth thoroughly enjoy supporting our efforts to provide quality integrated yr round nordic events

Below is a picture of our competition PBB board with camp characters…the bingo boards  will follow…we are using the bingo principle with the camp board as well…a great time for all.

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