CRNA Combines Orienteering and Light Biathlon with Living Resources CEP

01 Jul 2016

Combining Orienteering and light Biathlon…it has been done!  As the final Living Resource’s College Experience program class concluded, CRNA staff combined Sport Ident with EKO AIMS to challenge the students in to fast past, precision oriented nordic sports….all hit a home run excelling in both sports. When all was said and done…..all received….yep—a CRNA MUG!

This very successful collaboration with the summer students was wildly successful with all gaining a lot of information, learning and fun from the two sports.  Much thanks goes to St Rose intern Morgan King, LR CEP Coordinator Katie Fahrenkopf, session leader Faith and so many more. For the students, Both Nicks, Joe, Lauren, Tom, Ryan, Chris and Matt-you are all so wonderful, kind, respectful and thoughtful-you all are amazing….keep up the marvelous work

The College Experience Program offers so much learning and growth  in a higher education environment-CRNA is proud to contribute to the wonderful student outcomes…we hope it continues


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