CRNA Concludes another Successful year with PAL and Albany School District

21 Mar 2016

CRNA has been offering two of its four very popular sports, orienteering and snowshoeing to Hackett Middle School for the past two…no make that three years now. This year , CRNA included its recent addition of Sport Ident to the mix of its orienteering (traditional hanging bag version) which was wildly successful on those days when it was raining or snowing too much (REALLY?). Next week,  CRNA’s final class, concludes the program with an advanced Orienteering course in Washington Park. We’ll see how all goes-good luck!

All in all, the program provided intriguing, different sports to middle school students, incorporating both exercise with decision making and problem solving. CRNA has already been asked to return next year, this time starting in September

CRNA looks forward to a great 2016-17 yr with Albany School system

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