CRNA finishes PAL Session 3 Strong

On May 28, 2014, CRNA took 10 enthusiastic Albany PAL youth to Washington Park for a session 3 ending orienteering event. The sun was out, the park looked beautiful and the teams did very well completing the 9 control course.  Special thanks to Sue Hawkes-Teeter who set up the courses at Krank and Washington Parks…..and has helped in both sessions 2 & 3.

The day finished with Dunkin Doughnuts, hugs and requests to come back next yr….for all the sessions. Thanks to Will Malcolm, Albany PAL program Director for his support in having CRNA be so successful with its Orienteering and snowshoe events this past academic year.  CRNA looks forward to being involved with PAL year round!!!!

Have a great summer all


Russ and Sue

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