CRNA Fundraiser a Success at Hudson Berkshire Wine & Food Fest

30 May 2014

CRNA was invited by Sue Goold Miller from Brookview Station Winery in Castleton, NY to set up a CRNA Paintball Biathlon booth to raise funds for its programming this coming Summer.  From 11AM to 4PM on Saturday, May 24, 2014, , CRNA raised over $200 to support its programming with a variety of NFP organizations and agencies this coming summer. Families, spouses, great great Grandmothers , and youth all tried to hit either the Moose or complete BINGO boards for the world famous, known near and far…..CRNA MUG!!!!


Tom Wright, Stephen Wilson, and Russ & Becky Myer set up the booth and “Hawked” passers by into giving it a try…and many did just that!!!

Other HBBT members included Furnace Brook Winery, Harvest Spirits, Hudson Chatham Winery and Chatham Brewery. CRNA hasted its booth only on Saturday, helping to clean up on Sunday. Next year, with more volunteers, we hope to do both days


thank you all!!!!!



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