CRNA Gala a HUGE Success

17 Nov 2017

Well…the CRNA Gala was a HUGE sucess! Nordic friends and local to national dignitaries came out to support CRNA’s Gala embolding the opening of a Nordic center at Capital Hills this coming Winter.  Thank you goes to Capital Hills Golf Course and Scott Gallup for the Open House on Saturday 10/21/17 and Albany CC as Gala host on 10/22/17. The vendors (Dion SS, Nat’l Ski Patrol, Team Albany RW&B, CASTA, as well as CRNA added flare and love of Nordic to the event. Chaplain Willian Wicks and Dennis Stephen from Legion post 91 in Mechanicville honored the occasion with their invaluable contribution.


Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Congressman Paul Tonko made guest appearances supporting CRNA.  CRNA made enough funds to open up the center…Bravo and Tank you to all!  Everybody-think SNOW



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