CRNA-Garnet Hill host Snowshoe Orienteering event

Nine families took part in CRNA 3rd snowshoe event which happened to incude orienteering as

part of Garnet Hill’s President’s week events. A BIG Thank you to Phil Hawkes-Teeter for putting together a map that covered beautiful/scenic vistas as well as calm woods. After several hours, most found all the controls punching the O punch card. A lot of pride and enthusiasm contributed to all wanting to do the event again!!

CRNA’s major Nordic events have concluded at Garnet Hill. CRNA is working with Goold Orchard in Castelton , NY for a March snowshoe race and wine tasting…afterward naturally!!

A second BIG thank you to Don and Mindy and their staff from Garnet Hill for hosting CRNA and its orienteering, XC, biathlon and snowshoe events….some were great, others, will requires some additional thought and better planning.

See you

all next yr at Garnet Hill

There is always next year!!! Thank you one and all

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