CRNA-Goold Orchards-Sunnyview Orienteering Paintball Biathlon Event a Rousing Success!!

30 Jul 2013

We all think this collaborative event supporting participants was truly a first in the world of sport!!! Orienteering and paintball biathlon combined and run in an apple orchard with the world’s best participants….ones I call diverse ability individuals….disabled -no way. Not one missed control and many shot clean…so there Oli!

Many thanks go to Jennifer Battle and Connie Bruner-Todt, both CRTS from Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital for their willingness to try something different for their clients. Sue Goold , Karen Gardy and Ed from Goold Orchards transormed their apple orchard into a welcoming sport venue that contained beautifully growing apples, if just for several hours. Phil Hawkes-Teeter worked his magic with an Orienteering map that was perfect!! Becky Myer, Tom Wright and Stephen Wilson, all CRNA stallwarts manned the PBB and timed the athletes.

All in all, a good to great time was had by all!! Many went away asking for more events…. It was some day for all

With Heartfelt Appreciation….Russ

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