CRNA-Hilltop XC race #3…warm and fun

Despite lots of rain then frigid temps prior to the event, the final CRNA XC event of the year at Hilltop was a success with both  elite and novices….and even a snowshoer all having a great day!!  Hilltop owner, John Vittori and Russ Myer used the Piston Bully 100 to break up the ice, then till and pack it  creating a wonderful course surface from which both skaters and classical skiers skied well!

There  was talked with Jeff and Maria Moody of collaborating on a regional biathlon program.  Once the weather breaks, CRNA will talk with all to see if a biathlon program can become a reality. CRNA has the equipment, Western MA and NENSA has the people!  A great combination

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