CRNA Hosts Orienteering and Paintball Biathlon with ASF

02 Jan 2016

On 12-28-15 CRNA hosted a 2 event of Orienteering and Paintball Biathlon at Adaptive Sports Foundation in Windham, NY.  Since CRNA’s events are never , and we mean NEVER cancelled. we ran a foot O and Paintball Biathlon both at Windham’s Country Club on S St..  Pam Greene, Program Director at ASF and her staff rolled out warm red carpets for all and all had a good….GREAT time.  17-25 athletes with a variety of developmental disabilities had a wildly successful time both finding O controls as well as hitting our famous Biathlon Moosers!

A HUGE thank you to ASF staff, volunteers and of course our world class athletes for trying AND having so much fun with CRNA’s orienteering and Paintball Biathlon….More to follow so keep an eye on us

For any ?s or inquiries, please contact Russ Myer at 315-396-9967 or Pam Greene at 518-734-5070

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