Bus Stop Club Olympics

06 Oct 2013

CRNA received a call several months ago to lend a hand at Goold Orchards.
Another event was needed to help Bus Stop Club’s Apple Olympics event really support all  itschildren with disabilities as well as their siblings.

Over 100 paintballs were shot, over 100 children and parents were provided the opportunity to be an Olympic Biathlon…if not for just a few minutes! Becky Myer cleaned the targets dozens of times and enough laughter was generated to fill Goold Orchards 10 fold…..
quite a day for all concerned.  We even managed to get a girl in a stroller to run the short biathlon loop…smiling all the way!

Very special thanks to Tom Wright for making the effort to instruct, make teams, assist in shooting
and DSQ most if not all of the youth for not running on the outside of the cones, weaving,
running the loop backwards, running up the middle…or running in pairs, triplets or ……

A heartfelt thanks to Sue Goold and Karen Garty for making it all happen!!  Love those Cider doughnuts. Please support Goold Orchards for nobody supports the community like Goolds!

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