N. Creek Roller Ski Success

Last yr there was heavy fog and rain…this year sunny, no clouds-the PERFECT day!  An enthusiastic crowd including US Paralympic Nordic Athlete Augusto Perez, Roller Skied 12K through the village of N Creek. As is always the case, the village of N Creek and the Town of Johnsburg were gracious hosts as well as the Warren County Sheriff.  The course consisted of gradual uphills with swooping curved down hills well suited for those of all abilities.

After the roller ski event, CRNA hosted a paintball biathon at the ski bowl, then a presentation by Augusto Perez and Russ Myer.  Afterwards several participants took advantage of Steve Ovitt’s new ski bowl trails by taking a hike in the wonderful fall weather!

Special appreciation goes to Bill Mead , owner of the Little House B&B in Reparius, NY, who hosted the Myer and Perez families and took pictures of the roller ski and paintball biathlon events.
Thank you BILL!!!!

The next proposed roller ski event is on Oct 20 at the state office campus in Albany.
Check out the events page and live registration for the event.

Any questions, call Stephen Wilson at 518-861-8020

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