Albany Housing Coalition

15 Sep 2013

On September 14, 2013, CRNA hosted the Veterans from Albany Housing Coalition in a one day, two event Orienteering and Paintball outing.  Erik Schlimmer and Glenn Read from AHC, brought an enthusiastic group of veterans to Peebles Island State Park for a day of team Orienteering and Paintball Biathlon. The same formed teams participated in both events with the team having the lowest added time (including 10 seconds for each biathlon miss) from both events deemed the winner.

The four teams of Airforce, Marines and Army selected some great team names, such as
-The Adams Family
-Screaming Eagles (take a guess which branch of the military this is?)
-Dark Side

Well…the winner was????? Ramrod with a combined time of  60:23, Second was Screaming Eagles-72:22, Dark Side-73:38 and Adams Family-76:56.

BTY, Dark Side was the best Shooting team with only 2:20 total misses

A perpetual plaque will hang in the AHC headquarters with the winners and best shooters names on the plaque…..let’s see if any team repeats next year!

Both AHC and CRNA look forward to collaborating on many more yr round events in CRNA’s four sports, having healthy, energetic and community oriented members!!!!

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