CRNA Revives its Collaboration with Albany Housing Coalition

23 Apr 2016

After a 2 year hiatus, CRNA and Albany Housing Coalition (works with homeless veterans, many with disabilities) have retied the knot?!  With the awarding of the VA grant and other funding, CRNA can now offer its sports to the veterans free of charge with also enhance event insurance through CRNA’s parent organization-NENSA.  Events look to take place at Washington and Waterworks Parks in Albany as well as at other sites (Capital Hills Golf Course and Thomas Whalen Park)

Many thanks to not only AHC Executive Director Joe Sluscka and LTC (ret) Lee Vartigian but City of Albany NY officials, Mayor Sheehan, Commissioner of Parks Jonathan Jones, Waterworks staff and Police Chief  Brendan Cox for their support in having  these 4 wonderful sports take place in Albany

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