CRNA, snowshoes and a HUG?

12 Jan 2014

CRNA continues to partner with Police Althletic League of Albany in its afterschool program at Hackett Middle School. To date EMP O, a CRNA alliance member has held to orienteering events on the school grounds….but with the arrival of snow, Tom Wright, CRNA’s snowshoe leader ran a snowshoe soccer event between 6 HMS students and 3 CRNA leaders…Phil Hawkes Teeter, Russ Myer and Tom Wright.

There wasn’t much energy until the teams were CRNA vs. the students. Then all came to life with the intense game tied 4-4 with 10 minutes to go. The students would have nothing to do with a tie so into sudden death it went!!!
Tom Wright notched the game winner just inside the right goal cone. 

So as much as no one wanted to getr wet during the event, the students proceeeded to have a team HUG with everyone rolling around in the snow and cold water!!! Surprisingly, not one student noticed the cold????

CRNA will be hosting XC, Snowshoe and Orienteering evens with PAL at Hackett Middle School in sessions 2 & 3. The response has been wonderful with the students getting outside and enjoying both the offered nordic sport and the winter!!!  Keep the snow coming!

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