CRNA Supports 2015 Adaptive Nordic ESGs in Lake Placid

CRNA staff, Russ and Becky Myer, and Colin McDonough and Erica Macalintel directed the biathlon sprint at the 2015  NYS Adaptive Nordic Winter Games.  Russ served as chief of range while Colin and Erica directed timing which incorporated timed misses and IPC disability factors. Becky with her project mgt skills, kept all on schedule with BethAnn Chamberlin, US Paralympic Nordic Development coach.


The three athletes in the picture are William Warren, Dave Nichols and Kyle Dalton-all part of team Albany, which is based out of the Stratton VA Center in Albany, NY. Special tanks is extended to Mary Nell Schmitz and Michele Ferrauilo-Recreational Therapists extraordinaire  that help so many at the center!  Howard Horowitz, coordinator for the adaptive events gets a HUGE thank you as do USPN Staff BethAnn Chamberlin and shooting coach Kevin Bittenbender (who had a birthday!!). CRNA looks to play a greater role in helping the LOC with both Biathlon and XC next year

Let’s work for a bigger and better event in 2016!

Kiitos     Russ



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