CRNA veterans meet to Train for Trail O World Championships

31 May 2017

Army Major Curtis Schreiner (Hadley, NY) and Marine Sargent Matthew Pietro (Glens Falls, NY) recently met with CRNA President Russ Myer to train in earnest for the upcoming IOF Trail Orienteering  WCH in Lithuania this coming July. Trail O is different in that the athletes do not enter the woods but stay on trails viewing a cluster of O controls from a distance and with the use of the O map and compass select the “Right” control from a group-usually 3-5.

Army Private Christ Rasmussen (Casper, WY) will be joining Russ, Matt and Curtis in Albany prior to leaving for the flight from JFK to Vilnius, Lithuania. As CRNA cannot cover Int’l airfare, CRNA has a GoFundMe to raise funds for int’l airfare only. CRNA is covering all other expenses via its VA grant.  Please donate generously to CRNA GFM  so the three veterans can represent their country at the Trail O champs!



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