CRNA-WMAC 5K Snowshoe in doubt for 1-9-16 at Hilltop Nordic Center

02 Jan 2016

Hello all

Obviously, the snow at Hilltop Nordic Center in Richmond, MA is currently non existent with no pre-registrants on  CRNA and Hilltop Nordic Center are ready to run (sorry!) but old man winter is still sleeping with Rip Van Winkle down at his place on the Hudson.  We are all hoping for snow…and there is some in the forecast….and we really don’t need a lot to have a good race so…..

Look to Dion Snow shoe website to see if the event is a go or no…you can always call Tom Wright CRNA Snowshoe/Trail Run  Lead at 518-567-7201. Russ is going to Craftsbury VT for a week to work at an Int’l Paralympic Nordic event…not a lot of snow, but just enough

Happy New Year all

Russ & CRNA gang!

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