CRNA/EMPO Orienteering Event at PAL Olympics a HIT!

Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Russ Myer from CRNA established a challenging 1KM course at Krank Park for the Albany PAL Olympics heald on August 2, 2013. PAL has been very impressed with the way CRNA and EMPO have run the two qualifying O events at Washington Park, that CRNA/E

The winner of the PAL Olympic O event was the Krank Park team, which was the youngest. The team implemented a strategy and stuck with it to claim the 12 contrls in 15:21 seconds.

Special thanks to Will Malcolm, Coordinator of PAL programming , Sgt. (Ret.) Lenny Ricchiuti, Director, PAL, Phil Hawkes-Teer for his exceptional map making and all the youth who, after being introduced to Orienteering, loved it!!!! See you all next year!

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