Proof of a great time at the CRNA-ADK Treks fundraiser

06 Nov 2012

Hello all

This past Saturday, CRNA teamed up with

ADK Treks ( from North Creek, NY to host a Paintball Biathlon Fundraiser at Garnet Hill Lodge and XC Ski Center….For those of you who have skied Garnet Hill, the range was set up to the right of the XC ski bldg, a short loop went around the bldg with a 1 KM loop going to and from the tailings. The event included a mass start format, hot dog

lunch (not as good as Betty’s!), hayrides, and a hike to Hooper Garnet Mine. The weather was in the low-mid 40’s with intermittent snow…yes SNOW!!! We were cheering, there was fist pumping and hugging going on….then there was the event

There were 20 youth, adults and 5 midwifes from NYC….all who attended have never laughed so hard at well dressed professional women participating in a Autumn PBB event. BTY…the 5 ladies did a sprint format hitting an ave. of 8!!!! Take that Ole.  The youth who initially thought it would be combat PBB soon realized the difference and embraced it 100%.  Safe, serious but fun oriented

$300 was raised for ADK Treks and CRNA….besides registration $ a Nordic raffle took place which garnered much interest and ticket buying….As CRNA continues to expand its offering to Wounded Warriors and youth with disabilities (or diverse abilities) the collected money will help keep fees at zero to none

Heartfelt Appreciation to Don and Mindy at Garnet Hill-wonderful Hosts,Merriam Ins Agency for their financial support,  Julie West

and KellyNessle from ADK Treks, parents, volunteers and most of all, a wonderful group of young competitors…all want to do it again

From one of the 5 midwifes

So glad that we were part of your Biathlon last weekend.  Lisha is telling everyone at the hospital that we all finished in “record time” (not indicating, of course, that is was the SLOWEST record time)! This activity was the last thing we expected to do since we were away on our annual weekend of “rest and de-stressing”.  (I still don’t know how Sheila found out about it on Friday, but we just humored her and thought she would forget about it!)  However, just by the nature of our work, we’ve learned to deal with the unexpected (usually in a much more life-threatening situation) and can help everyone through the most challenging hours of their lives.  You can only imagine what a great “cheering squad” we are for our labor patients!  (And no, we aren’t quite as enthusiastic at 4am – while delivering the fifth baby of our shift!)

I will pass these pictures along to the other midwives.  If you have any other pictures or links to anything about it, you can send it to our practice email (  Be sure to let us of know of other fundraising events.   My husband and I plan to be up the weekend of Thanksgiving (I’m working the Thursday & Friday first) so I’ll look out for any reports about the Biathlon in the local papers. Much thanks to you and Russ and all the folks who worked so hard on this event.

Hope to see you around North Creek!

Take care


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